The Relationship of Creativity and Gambling

Some would say that there is a connection between creative people and gambling- but it just depends on the way that you look at it. Addiction is most often associated with gambling and addiction can come hand in hand with creativity. Sometimes it can be hard to be creative to a certain extent, so in some cases, consumption of alcohol to some could be of help at letting yourself think more clearly. But it can also get hard to keep it under control. There are different ways of looking at this.


It’s been told that if you’re creative then you see the whole world in a different perspective compared to others. Meaning you also like to experience new and wild things and can even become addicted to them. Addiction- even gambling. Gambling can be fun and even cost efficient at times, but it can get way too overwhelming very quickly if you keep telling yourself, “Oh, just one more time” way too many times. Wanting to see and do new things can be a good factor, or even a bad one if you keep doing the same thing over and over. People do this to make themselves happy, but in the future, it will cause more harm than good you ever got out of it. It’s more important to look and realize what it could do to you.

So even though if you did win that jackpot or the lottery- it still doesn’t mean you should keep spending all of your money on the slim chances you might have to do it again. It’s very important to know creativity is a great way of looking at things, but it can also be “too” adventurous and you should always know when you should back down on something that may be too much of a handle for you and for your future.

Always keep in mind a good balance between your gambling and creativity. In this case, you can also think creatively and this might help you out with your gambling problems. Who knows? You could think of different solutions as to how you should approach your next turn and game and think of different strategies that could happen based on what you would choose next. It might surprise you- if you think hard enough, it could help more than you know. So the next time you think you could have the right answer- go for it. You could be right because of your creative perception. Not all people are very creative- some are and some aren’t. You could be one of the people who could get lucky from critically thinking.