Best Art Galleries in Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is best known as the gambling capital of the world always enveloped in brilliant lights and filled with excitement, this amazing city also has a rich cultural side. Apart from numerous casino fans, Las Vegas offers a great number of possibilities to enjoy and admire wonderful works of art. Here are some art galleries that art lovers shouldn’t miss when going to Sin City.

The Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas Art Museum

The Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas Art Museum is the largest fine art exhibition space in Las Vegas which takes up around 20,000 square meters. Its main purpose is to raise awareness and improve the understanding and accessibility of fine art produced by artist at the local, regional and international level. The Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas Art Museum was selected as Best Gallery in Nevada by the American Art Awards in 2017. Furthermore, this exceptional art gallery offers you a chance to exhibit your own pieces of art to the public as well as make donations if you wish to make a contribution to the development of modern art.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Another gallery in Las Vegas that attracts a lot of interest of fine art lovers is definitely the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. In partnership with Boston’s Museum of Fine Art, this gallery has brought works of great artists, from Monet to Hockney, to Sin City. Apart from enjoying artwork from all around the world, this gallery gives you a chance to attend a unique exhibition called “I Am The Greatest”, which is a tribute to Muhammad Ali.

Michael Godard Art Gallery

If you are interested to know more about the authentic lifestyle and art of Las Vegas, you should visit Michael Godard Art Gallery. Most exhibits are surrealist works of art depicting motifs such as casino games, martini, and sports cars. At the entrance you are welcomed by the landmark sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”, and some of the paintings that you can see at the gallery include “Twisted Martini”, “Dice on Police Car”, “Bullets”, “King of Space” and so on. Apart from casino themed paintings, there is a section with paintings dedicated to the owner’s great passion – rock music. You can see lots of portraits of famous rock’n’roll musicians done in oil. What’s more, you can find paintings of Scott Jacobson, the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist.

SKYE Art Gallery

If you’d like to see a combination of traditional and pop art and modern fashion design, you should visit SKYE Art Gallery in Las Vegas. This gallery, owned by Vanessa Juarez and Elena Voskresenskaya, exhibits works of extraordinary American and international artists. Among other great pieces of art, you can see portraits of gorgeous women done by famous Ara Dora, wearing glamorous gowns designed by David Topaz.

Sin City Gallery

Last but not least, Sin City Gallery is another home of art in Las Vegas, where you can enjoy numerous works of internationally established and emerging artists. The owner of the gallery, Laura Henkel, always looks for new artists and gives them a chance to present their work to the public. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will find paintings of the next Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso at Sin City Gallery.