Why Has Art Always Been So Expensive?

Since the first drawings in the Spanish caves, art has been around with people as the highest level of expressing human creativity. For that reason, art has always been highly appreciated by people throughout the ages. People have always admired the beauty of an art form and have always criticised those artistic forms which they did not quite like.

However, what is it in art, art forms and their creators that catches the attention and aspires admiration in people? there are many possible answers. In order to create a work of art, a person needs talent, and not many people possess the artistic talent. Even though talent requires a lot of practice and a lot of work in order to be developed thoroughly, a talent for art is unique and unreachable for many. Those many who cannot produce a work of art admire it.

Art collectors are the best representatives of art admirers. They fall in love with a work of art and are able to pay a lot of money just to have it and admire it in the comfort of their homes or offices. For some, possessing a work of art represents prestige, and for others, it is just pure love and admiration. It is because of art collectors that art market is flourishing, and has never stopped flourishing regardless of world economic crisis, poverty and many other problems that appear in the world. However, the question that remains is why art is so expensive? Shouldn’t art be available for everybody to admire it? Why works of art cost millions and only rich art admirers can enjoy them? In the following paragraphs, we will try to explore different answers to these questions.


A work of art is unique. In order to possess the original work of art, you need to go through a lot of trouble to get it. If you were lucky to know the artist and buy the specific work of art, good for you! But many artists, like Picasso, are not among anymore, so in order to possess their works of art, you need to find it on the market. The more popular a work of art is the more money you need to pay. For example, Picasso’s La Reve was sold for $150m.


Buying artworks give you access to a prestigious and glamorous lifestyle. Art auctions and art fairs which occur all around the world at glittering and glamorous parties give art collectors an entry into the prestigious lifestyle. For them, buying an artwork is an investment, you invest your money into a valuable artwork and you become a part of rich and glamorous society. Unfortunately, this makes art just available for the rich, but who knows maybe things change in the future.